"I grew up on Cape Breton Island surrounded by fog, sea and trees. Most people leave the island for work. My parents decided to stay, appreciating the eroding cliffs and limitless skies, raising my brother and I away from the city.

"It wasn't until I left the island that I realized how much more raw that landscape was. I missed the wind that snatches the air from your lungs leaving you breathless; dark ocean waves that can suck a person under and sweep them away in one quick moment; forests with branches tangled tightly together, trunks only far enough apart to squeeze between; and thick fog you can see rolling in heavy off the water, shrouding the land in stillness, making it feel haunted.

"I've chosen to safely contain these landscapes here, behind glass, turing their savagery to beauty and painting them so small you'd never expect they could inconsequentially swallow you whole."

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